“THE MOUNTAIN CAN HEAL” By Victor Riverola and Jordi Salvador

La montaña puede curar (The Mountain can heal) Desnivel Editions introduces one of his most human and emotional books ever: “The mountain can heal”, written by Víctor Riverola and Jordi Salvador, on sale at all major bookstores in Spain and worldwide through the Internet. The book was presented in Madrid on the 21st of May […]

EL DESAFIO (The Challenge, 1938)

The Challenge Duración: 75 minutos País: Gran Bretaña – Alemania Año: 1938 Director: Milton Rosner y Luis Trenker (Vincent Korda no acreditado) Reparto: Robert Douglas (Edward Whymper), Franck Birch (Reverendo Charles Hudson), Moran Caplat (Hadow), Geoffrey Wardwell (Lord Francis Douglas), Luis Trenker (Jean Antoine Carrel), Lyonel Watts (F.K Morris), May Clare (Madre de Carrel), Max […]